Hello Glam Dolls,

I am a 23 years old cosmetologist, that loves all things beauty and fashion. This blog is all about my style from makeup, skincare, to fashion and even mixology. Since the 6th grade I really wanted to get in to the fashion industry and wanted to attend FIDM. I was talked out of going there my Jr year of high school, even though I knew that was something I wanted. Fashion was really my first love and I would still love to have my own fashion company one day. I started doing hair my senior year of high school and found myself falling in love with it. A year after high school in 2012, I decided to go to Paul Mitchell The School in Sherman Oaks, CA. All I wanted to do was own my own salon, but after going to school I found that I didn't want to work in the salon scene. I loved the excitement of doing something different everyday and wanted to do photoshoots. Being a freelancer is hard at first but the more you work, the more others find out about you. Freelancing is truly all about networking and getting your work out there. I love being on location and helping create new styles to capture the perfect look . After a couple of years out of beauty school, I picked up another trade mixology and found myself really enjoying it. These recipes are perfect for a girls night or a party you're hosting.Stepping back and looking at all my passions, I realized there is more to me then just hair and makeup. Reason why I decided to start my own website/blog, somewhere I can call my own that really displays the different aspects of me. I hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoyed creating it and building it each day. Don't forget to comment and leave anything you guys might want to see on here or get more information on.

I love working with other bloggers/social media influencers, brands, PR reps and the general public in all areas. Don't be shy, feel free to contact me on any of my social media platforms or email me for collaborations, business or even fundraisers/volunteer events.

Thank You!