Say Hello To Sexy Legs

Hello Beauties, I was sent these products by this company and i wanted to share it with you guys. The package came with 3 products in it, basically its a three step highlight and contour for your legs or body. The first step is the bronzer which you can put all over your legs, but you have to apply it pretty quickly because it drys fast. The second step is the highlight, which makes the areas you want to pop be seen more. The third step is the contour stick which basically will hide or shape the part to give it a different dimension. The bronzer and the highlight are pretty shimmery and drys fast. You can use it on any part of your body for a nice glow. You can use a beauty sponge, a brush or even your hands to apply the products. Make sure you do wash your hands between applications of each product. I would recommend this for photoshoot work because it does wash off very easy with sweat or water. I look forward to reviewing more products for you guys. Have A Blessed Day.


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