Purple Press on Nails Full Cover False Nails with Rhinestone Designs Extra Long Glue on Nails Acrylic Nails for Women


I recently purchased a set of purple press-on nails and I am so happy with my purchase! The color is absolutely stunning and vibrant, just as advertised. The nails were very easy to apply and fit perfectly on my natural nails without any adjustments. I was worried they wouldn't last very long, but to my surprise, they stayed on for a whole week without any lifting or chipping. I received so many compliments on my nails and even fooled a few people into thinking they were my natural nails. The best part is that they were much more affordable than a trip to the salon and I didn't have to worry about any damage to my real nails. I highly recommend these purple press-on nails to anyone looking for a convenient and beautiful nail solution!

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